\"Director's Cut\" Death Stranding, Shadow Warrior 3 and Weird West on Steam's list of best new releases for March


Another month is coming to an end, so we can sum up some results.
For Valve, this is a list of the best new releases that landed on Steam for the first month of spring.
There's a lot to look at: Death Stranding Director's Cut, Shadow Warrior 3, Tunic and other curious projects have taken their places on the list.The end of February saw the release of the Steam Deck handheld, something Valve can't get enough of.
That's why in March selection of \"most-true\" company again paid attention to support for controllers and put in a separate category games compatible with its brainchild.Most successful novelties of MarchThe list presents games with the highest revenue in the first two weeks after release.
The list is sorted randomly.Shadow Warrior 3.Coromon.Weird West.Tunic.Animal Shelter.Death Stranding Director's Cut.Hero's Hour.ANNO: Mutationem.Lust Theory - Season 1.The Planet Crafter.Soulworker.ELEX II.Airborne Kingdom.Midnight Ghost Hunt.Distant Worlds 2.Core Keeper.Best Free NovelsThe list is sorted by total number of unique players.Aperture Desk Job.
Tap Ninja - Idle game.CROWZ.The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king.Prison Life.Best additional contentList sorted by random.Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void.X4: Tides of Avarice.DCS: AH-64D.Assetto Corsa Competizione - Challengers Pack.Steam DeckThe best new releases from March with \"Fully compatible\" or \"Playable\" marks on Steam Deck.
Aperture Desk Job.Weird West.Tunic.Death Stranding Director's Cut.Hero's Hour.The Planet Crafter.The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king.Core Keeper.ANNO: Mutationem.Lust Theory - Season 1.Shadow Warrior 3.Controller SupportGames with full controller support.Death Stranding Director's Cut.Aperture Desk Job.Core Keeper.ANNO: Mutationem.Shadow Warrior 3.Tunic.
Weird West.New DevelopersList of developers who debuted their game on Steam.The Wandering Band (Airborne Kingdom).Tunic Team (Tunic).
Benjamin \"ThingOnItsOwn\" Hauer (Benjamin Hauer; Hero's Hour).Broken Glass (Tap Ninja - Idle game).Vaulted Sky Games (Midnight Ghost Hunt).TRAGsoft (Coromon).Microids Studio Paris (Syberia: The World Before).ROYALCROW (CROWZ).

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