Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Dying Light 2 adds \"New Game+\" with extra content

Dying Light 2 adds \

As previously promised, Dying Light 2 Stay Human received patch 1.3.0 today, with \"New Game+\" mode being the main new feature.
Within it, players will have access to new content that serves as motivation to replay, including:\t30 new inhibitors designed to pump up the hero; New platinum medals for successfully completing challenges with parkour; Changed location of some enemies - for example, flyboys and banshees will appear at night; New rarity level of legendary weapons; New task \"Here was something big\", where players will deal with new types of infected.In order to maintain the balance the level of enemies in \"New Game+\" will match the level of the character.Also not without numerous bug fixes - both purely technical and disturbing pro And on PS5 and Xbox Series X there is an ability to adjust the FOV.Recall that Techland is working on a photo mode and story additions.

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