Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Former Sony CEO: \"Microsoft and Sony are not fighting over acquisitions\"

Former Sony CEO: \

Jack Tretton, former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, was interviewed by GameInformer USA, and among other things he also talked about acquisitions made by Sony and Microsoft recently.For Tretton the two companies \"are not fighting over acquisitions\", meaning developers and publishers are not acquired to hurt each other or based on competitive maneuvers, the goal is always and only to expand their own business by including partners who join their commercial and artistic Sony is also following this path, increasingly open to Windows and with Bungie, which will continue to operate as an independent company, although 100% owned by the Japanese giant.Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are not competing with each other, at least more, according to Jack Tretton, but with other forms of entertainment, such as concerts and live music, movies, sports, digital platforms like Netlix, Disney + and Amazon.

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