Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Gears 5 is removing the map editor for \"Escape\"

Gears 5 is removing the map editor for \

Gears 5 has an \"Escape\" mode in which a team of three must fight their way out of the hive.
You can create custom maps for \"Escape.\" Or rather, you could - the studio The Coalition announced the deactivation of the editor.There are two achievements associated with the level editor: \"My hands\" - to create and publish a hive.
\"Own apiary\" - to make an escape from the hive, created by another player.Perfectionists, knock out all the \"achives\" will not leave offended - after turning off the editor, these achievements are unlocked automatically.
Those who have unlocked them earlier, relies awards - an exclusive banner for \"His hands\" and 10 thousand in-game coins for \"His apiary.
\"In the announcement message The Coalition said that the team focused on \"future projects.
PSA: We're removing #Gears5 Map Builder and unlocking its achievements for all players as the team focus on future projects.If you've completed \"I Made it All By Myself\" you'll receive an exclusive banner & if you've completed \"Homegrown Hive\" you'll receive 10k Coins in-game.
pic.twitter.com/cPX0tLKQ3s- Gears of War (@GearsofWar) April 26, 2022

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