Thursday, April 21, 2022

Marvel's Avengers either has no roadmap or it has been drastically changed.
Players are not happy

Marvel's Avengers either has no roadmap or it has been drastically changed.</br>Players are not happy

After months of assurances from players, Crystal Dynamics appears to have abandoned the roadmap for Marvel's Avengers, or at least made drastic changes to it.According to a post on Reddit in the PlayAvengers subsection, developer Crystal Dynamics said that the so-called roadmap for future Marvel's Avengers updates does not exist or at least was significantly altered from what it was before.
CD_NickE wrote in a thread discussing patches 2.4 and 2.5 and commented that the team plans to release small updates that will be released more frequently.When asked if this means that the promised roadmap no longer exists, CD_NickE replied:I think it suggests that the existence of a roadmap is a more binary thing than it is.
If your definition of a \"roadmap\" is a solid 6+ month plan that we're willing to share with players, then no, there is no such roadmap because we would release it if it existed.It's now clear that Marvel's Avengers promised roadmap consists of small updates that will be released throughout the year so fans get new content in bits and pieces rather than waiting months between the more significant updates.
CD_NickE explained that the game's developers couldn't think of updates in advance, comparing it to if you were planning Thanksgiving dinner now.I'm pretty sure I'll be celebrating it somewhere, and that there will be a turkey dish starring turkey.
But will I be at my house or my family's house? What will be the side dishes? Will I be watching a soccer game? These things seem like mysteries at this distance.Fans expressed outrage at the lack of a road map and explained their feeling, saying that Crystal Dynamics will have to do a lot now to boost the morale of players still committed to the game.
CD_NickE agreed and admitted:Yes, set a certain bar of expectations that we now have to set aside, and we have to take responsibility for that.Crystal Dynamics last mentioned the roadmap in February in its blog for Marvel's Avengers, where it confirmed several updates and the return of Nick Fury.
There have also been rumors for months that Hulk Woman would join Avengers, but last month there was speculation that her appearance had been delayed until the premiere of the series of the same name, with Jane Foster appearing first.
Since then, Crystal Dynamics has released little information about the future of Marvel's Avengers.

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