Thursday, April 21, 2022

May 3 launches Loot River, an action game about loot and strategic \"Tetris\" on water

May 3 launches Loot River, an action game about loot and strategic \

Loot River might seem like just another pixelated \"soulslayer bagel,\" but it has one unusual feature: a weighty piece of gameplay is built around strategically moving land islands across the water.
\"Dark Souls mixed with 'Tetris' spatial puzzles!\" - The protagonist of Loot River has a powerful artifact that can move the land beneath him.
Herein lies \"Tetris\": many islands in the game consist of blocks of different shapes and move.
In this way, unusual situations are born: you can lure enemies to an advantageous block, smash them with a block of spikes or stick to a slurry that simply won't let go of your block.
Judging by the trailers, the mechanics of mobile rafts are also based on the battles with bosses.The developers describe Loot River as a dungeon crawler with procedural generation, intense battles and the entourage of dark fantasy.
Labyrinthine levels are randomly generated, with different kinds of weapons and enchantments provided.
They have to be handled carefully: for example, if you hit a gas opponent with a flaming sword, everything around you will catch fire (including maybe your block).
Provided for different combinations of properties, including with blocks: if the weapon gives a bonus for acceleration, then you can overclock directly on the blocks.Finally, the authors highlight the appearance: pixel art is hand-drawn, animations tried to make particularly smooth, shadows are cast in real time, and for rivers provided \"an amazing water physics.
\"Loot River launches May 3 on PC (Steam) and Xbox.
At launch, the game will be available on Game Pass on both platforms.Loot trailer.Trailer with release date.

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