Tuesday, April 26, 2022

\"M.Video has resumed the sale of PS Plus subscription codes


M.Video-Eldorado has returned PlayStation Plus subscription codes to the market.
Two options are available: for three months and a year, although the second is not available in all regions.
A three-month subscription will cost 1,999 rubles, and an annual - 4,499 rubles.  Sony suspended its activities in Russia because of the military operation in Ukraine on March 9.
The company stopped selling consoles, gamepads, accessories and games.Earlier, the chain of stores returned installments and sales with a price reduction of up to 30%, including on computers, laptops and Apple devices. Also, \"Gamromania\" was told by the press service of the company that now continue to sell existing stock of boxed games, both in stores and online.
A total of more than 1,500 different games are available to customers.

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