Quest \"Petyka and HIV are Saving the Galaxy\" became free on iOS and Android

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The company \"Buka\" has prepared a gift for players in honor of the upcoming May holidays.
Owners of iOS and Android devices can download an updated version of the classic Russian quest \"Petyka and Vasily Ivanovich Saving the Galaxy\" for free.The original game was released in 1998, and the updated version \"Reboot\" was released in 2016.
For the mobile version provided two control options, the original and optimized.
All screens and locations redrawn for 16:9 screens and added achievements and awards.Humorous puzzle game \"Petyka and Vasily Ivanovich Saving the Galaxy.
Reloaded\" is also available in Steam, but it does not apply the May holidays.
PC owners can buy the game for 169 rubles.

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