Monday, April 25, 2022

Rumor: According to testers, Skate 4 is \"already a lot of fun\"

Rumor: According to testers, Skate 4 is \

Although EA hasn't talked about the new Skate since it was announced, details about the long-awaited reboot of the series have been leaking out recently, mostly through leaks.
Developer Full Circle appears to have begun the gameplay testing process for the game, with footage of pre-alpha gameplay recently surfacing online.According to the previously leaked information, the Skate reboot will supposedly take place in an open world called Fun City, which will feature a variety of missions and activities such as racing, stunts and more.
And while the game is still in the early stages of development, it looks like there's already been a lot of progress behind the scenes.
According to a report from GamesBeat, testers say the game is \"already a lot of fun,\" and Full Circle seems to have focused primarily on the core gameplay principles.As EA itself has previously hinted, it looks like the game puts quite a bit of emphasis on both customization and user-generated content.
In terms of customization, Grubb compares the game to Forza, and custom content also seems to be a major component of the customization mechanics.Finally, the report also states that the release of Skate is still a long way off, with EA apparently allowing Full Circle to spend a lot of time in the prototyping and playtesting phase.

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