Thursday, April 28, 2022

\"Sonic at the Movies 2\" will be available for viewing online in May


Despite the excellent box office receipts of the \"Sonic at the Movies\" sequel, the filmmakers are not going to keep it in theaters long.
It is reported that the tape will be available to watch online in May.
The digital premiere of \"Sonic at the Movies 2\" will take place on May 24.
The adaptation of the game about the Blue Hedgehog will be available on the streaming service Paramount +, but later will look at other sites.
4K version of the picture will appear this summer.
The high-definition Blu-ray edition of \"Sonic at the Movies 2\" with additional content is scheduled for a June 28 release.SpoilerFilm \"Sonic at the Movies 2\" has grossed $288 million worldwide since its premiere in cinemas.

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