The CW has shut down \"Batwoman\" and \"Legends of Tomorrow\"

The CW has shut down \

\"Batwoman\" showrunner Caroline Dries announced the impending closure of the \"Batwoman\" series.
The cancellation was announced a month after the third season ended, and the writing team tried to engage the audience on Twitter to tell the channel that a fourth season was needed.The series based on the DC Comics has not been a record-breaking viewer from the beginning.
In addition, after the end of the first season, the crew scandalously left the lead actress, Ruby Rose.
In her place was taken by a black actress Javisia Leslie, and the plot was deliberately ended with a cliffhanger, so that viewers demanded a continuation.The same steps were taken by the authors of the series \"Legends of Tomorrow\".
But it did not help them either.
The story of the series will end on the seventh season.Rumors that The CW is going to radically revise the Arrowverse universe, appeared after it became known about the possible sale of the channel.
At the moment, only two of the four series in the series remain alive: \"Naomi\" and \"Knights of Gotham\".The CW has postponed the reboot of \"Babylon 5 \"Netflix is parting ways with its projects as well.
We already wrote about the channel closing a number of original projects and getting rid of the animation division after a drop in subscribers and share price.
That wasn't enough, and we won't see a sequel to \"Space Force\" starring Steve Carell in the new season.
The second season will be his last.

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