Monday, April 25, 2022

\"The Dumbledore Mysteries\" grossed a big drop in the second week at the box office


The second week of box office receipts for the new film in the \"Fantastic Creatures\" franchise fell by nearly 67% in the U.S. The film managed to earn only $14 million, $1 million less than the \"Sonic at the Movies\" sequel in its third week in theaters.
In total, \"Secrets of Dumbledore\" grossed $280 million worldwide, $67 million of which came from the United States. The same \"Sonic 2,\" by the way, grossed almost $288 million worldwide.
At the same time the leader of the last week in the States suddenly became a DreamWorks cartoon \"Bad Boys\" about a group of con-art animals - the picture collected 24 million dollars, while global revenues reach $ 87 million. \"Varyag,\" the new film by the author of \"Beacon,\" started with $12 million in the U.S.
and grossed $23.5 million worldwide.
Analysts say that is a good figure for the arthouse project, but the problem is that the budget at the picture with Alexander Skarsgardom is not small - according to rumors, it was $ 70 million. In addition, the new comedy Nicolas Cage's \"The Unbearable Burdens of Great Talent\" grossed a little over $9.5 million.
The war drama \"The First Oscar\" is the leader of the rental in Russia in recent days - it has almost 33 million dollars \"in the pocket\".

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