Thursday, April 21, 2022

The fifth season of the series \"Very Stranger Things\" will leave a huge hold on the franchise

The fifth season of the series \

In an interview with SFX magazine, the Duffer Brothers said that after the fifth season ends, it will feel like the end has come too soon.
Be that as it may, viewers should brace themselves, because things are just beginning to unfold.
\"It's going to feel like we still have a lot more gas left in the tank.
But I think it's better to end on a high note, which is why we're going to do five seasons of the main story,\" Matt Duffer said.As for spin-offs, the creators have been silent, saying that they haven't even talked to Netflix about it.
\"We have some ideas.
About the spin-offs, we've always had the question, \"Is it exciting enough for us to feel the urge to come back?\" I want to feel the attraction of, \"God, I really want to do this.
I'm really, really excited about it.\" So that's why we're cautious about what comes next.The key for us is that it has to feel like a separate project, not just a reimagining.
Otherwise, what's the point? I think we have something that could be pretty exciting.
So we'll see,\" Ross Duffer concluded.

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