Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The sci-fi Tower Defense game \"Iron Guard\" is available for PC on Steam

The sci-fi Tower Defense game \

XLab Digital, the developer from Los Angeles (USA), announced that the sci-fi Tower Defense game \"Iron Guard\" has become available for PC on Steam.
The developers created a standalone version of the game after positive community feedback on the previously available virtual reality-only version on Steam or AppLab.The original version of Iron Guard offers the opportunity to experience both turn-based gameplay and real-time strategy from two different perspectives.
Players will find themselves in the desperate world of Iron Guard after Avalon crashes on an alien plane.
After discovering a legion of out-of-control terraformer bots from previous colonization attempts, they will have to protect the lives of the surviving crew.
They will need to defend the base, extract resources and put an end to the rampage of deadly robots.Players will defend their base from the ground, building and improving towers to contain waves of rogue robots, but can also take to the sky with a player-controlled drone and survey the battlefield from above to help strategize and plan their next move.Iron Guard offers hours of entertainment with several game modes such as resource gathering, energy transfer and classic mode, as well as level optimization and a leaderboard.

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