According to Yu Suzuki, there are currently \"no concrete plans\" for Shenmue 4

According to Yu Suzuki, there are currently \

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki said he has no concrete plans for Shenmue 4, but reiterated that he wants to make it more accessible to new players if it comes out.Suzuki spoke this weekend at a special event celebrating Shenmue in Yokosuka, the city where the series was founded.
According to Famitsu, Suzuki discussed several topics, including the recently released Shenmue anime, and also talked about Shenmue 3 and his potential plans for a sequel.According to Famitsu, Suzuki said that Shenmue 3 is a fan-made, fan-driven effort, and for that reason the game was funded on Kickstarter.
Since part three was made for fans, he is glad that it was well received by players who enjoyed the previous games.However, he also believes that the emphasis on fanservice made newcomers \"feel like they were left out,\" which made part three a difficult entry point for those who had never played the first two games.So while Suzuki said that he has no concrete plans for Shenmue 4 yet, he said that he really wants to \"make sure that new players can play the next part.\" Suzuki's latest comments echo an interview he gave to IGN Japan two years ago, in which he also said that he believes Shenmue 4 will happen and that he wants it to appeal to a wider audience than the last game.In Shenmue 3, I was really responding to fan votes, so I wasn't necessarily thinking about how to make money,\" he said then.
But because I'm running a company, I have to think about what might sell if I keep going.
I seriously discussed it over and over.Suzuki had previously promised to keep making Shenmue games \"as long as there are those who want Shenmue to go on living.\"

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