\"Ancient Ruins Discovered\": screenshots of the next Valheim update


The authors of Valheim, whose sales recently crossed 10 million copies, have unveiled a pair of screenshots of the \"Misty Lands\" update.They show the structures that players will explore in the new update.
According to the authors, they have yet to \"age\" the buildings, turning them \"into the likeness of ruins\", emphasizing the age of the structures.
According to the mythology of the project, some ancient civilizations were responsible for the creation of these places.In addition, the developers said that continue to work on a new species of inhabitants of local lands, the nature of which they have so far decided to keep secret.
Earlier the authors have shown a video with a demonstration model of the hare, which will also be present in the \"foggy\" territories.More creators of \"survival\" said that they are trying to solve the problem with the loss of progress in players, when due to synchronization with the cloud, save the overwritten to an earlier version.
Users will be waiting for a special patch, which should fix this shortcoming.The release of \"Foggy Lands\" is scheduled for this year.

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