Sunday, May 1, 2022

Avatar: The Way of the Water\" trailer

Avatar: The Way of the Water\

Following the leaked first footage from James Cameron's upcoming film, the first trailer footage has also appeared online.
Apparently it was filmed on his phone one of the visitors CinemaCon, where the premiere trailer of the upcoming sci-fi movie took place.
You can watch it below, but the quality is pretty mediocre.
Most of the trailer is dedicated to the beautiful scenery of Pandora and its inhabitants, and, as you understand, it will be hard to appreciate it in this form, so if you don't want to spoil your impression, you better wait for the official premiere.
The trailer will be attached to the \"Dr.
Strange in the Multiverse of Madness\" premiere.
And a week after the start of distribution (sometime on May 10) it will be published online.
\"Avatar: The Way of the Water\" is the first of four planned sequels.
\"Avatar: The Way of the Water\" is finally due to be released in cinemas on December 15, 2022.
The plot will unfold several years after the events of the first film.

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