Thursday, May 5, 2022

Banners for the current version of Genshin Impact have been extended.
Players will be compensated for downtime

Banners for the current version of Genshin Impact have been extended.</br>Players will be compensated for downtime

Due to the current pace of development, the update for Genshin Impact is indefinitely delayed.
But the game hasn't come to a standstill: they're preparing small event packs for it, and they've extended the current banners.
Today the players could see a funny thing in Genshin Impact - the counter of days until the end of the weapon banner and Kamisato Ayaki's prayer was showing not the expected 4-5 days, but all 240 days! Later, the wording was changed to a less intimidating \"until the end of version 2.6\", but not everywhere.
At the same time, the time of test runs was extended.
The banner reads \"until the end of version 2.6,\" but on the tab with the test run is still a counter of days.On the same day HoYoverse shared a list of activities that will not let gamers get bored until the next version: \"Amazing products\" - again in Mondstadt will arrive merchant Li Ben, who exchanges resources for \"boxes with wonders\".
Inside are various rewards, including primogems.
Time: May 6-13.
\"Spices of the West\" - Travelers will practice making spices.
Probably similar to the Drink Mixing Event in Update 2.5.
Completing the tasks will be rewarded with source stones, hero experience, mora, and weapon enhancement materials.
Running time: May 14 to June 7.
\"Skill Spill Spill\" - a double bonus for completing dungeons with materials to improve the talents.
You can use the offer only three times a day.
Time: May 22 to May 29.That's all great, but what about the free rewards? HoYoverse promises to give out compensation for delayed updates every week from May 11 until its release.
Players who reach the fifth rank of adventure and above before May 11, promise the following set: 400 primogems, 1 weak resin, 7 experience books hero, 16 pieces of magic ore enhancement, 120 000 mora.Release date update 2.7 company refused to call, because the deadline has not yet been confirmed.
Meanwhile, the mobile versions of Genshin Impact took a new high, earning a third billion dollars.

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