Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Black Desert - The new \"Drakania\" class will be available on consoles on May 25

Black Desert - The new \

Black Desert developers are introducing a new class that has already been lit on PC.Starting today, Black Desert console version users can begin to pre-create a character on consoles to receive various in-game rewards in the future, including materials for improvement.
This will help prepare for the release of the old, nevertheless new class as early as May 25.
The update will also include a new seasonal server, \"Season: Drakania,\" which will help you reach higher levels faster.
On the seasonal server, players will receive a variety of rewards and effects as they complete quests.In addition to the new class, Pearl Abyss introduces the updated Abandoned Monastery area in the Calfeon region.
This monster-hunting location has been redesigned and is now suitable for cooperative play.
The chance of bosses appearing has also been upgraded.
Battles in the Abandoned Monastery have become more difficult, and adventurers will have to join forces to defeat monsters and acquire trophies.
Finally, players will have the opportunity to get a new decoration, which will help to diversify the equipment and achieve higher marksmanship.

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