\"Blade Runner\" board game gets sponsored on Kickstarter in 3 minutes


Fundraising for a board game based on \"Blade Runner\" kicked off on Kickstarter the day before yesterday.
To say the campaign got off to a good start is an understatement.
The required amount of $10,261 has been raised in just three minutes, and at the time of writing the news the authors have managed to raise $1.067 million.
Perhaps over time the frenzy will subside, but in any case there are still three weeks until the end of the campaign.Events of the game will unfold in 2037 after the corporation \"Wallace\" has introduced a new line of replicants Nexus-9.
Participants in the action will be able to try on the roles of both humans and replicants, as well as choose specializations, memories and so on.
Blade Runner is based on the Year Zero engine, which has been previously used in a number of well-known board games, including Alien, Tales From the Loop, and Forbidden Lands.It must be said that the creators have set themselves quite ambitious plans: a large number of additional content, including collectible cards, bonus characters, and so on.
They need to get a little over $1.4 million to meet their goals.
And, most likely, the amount will be collected.The cost of the game itself varies depending on the package - the basic digital version will cost $ 31 without shipping, but there are more respectable options in print - for them you'll have to pay $ 100 or more.
Deliveries are scheduled for November.

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