Tuesday, May 10, 2022

David Fincher, along with the writer of \"Seven,\" has worked on an episode of the new season of \"Love, Death and Robots\"

David Fincher, along with the writer of \

If you are a fan of David Fincher and the Netflix series \"Love, Death and Robots,\" you better mark May 20 on your calendar.
That's because this will be Fincher's first time directing an episode of an animated series, and it's his first experience directing animation.
The episode is called \"A Bad Voyage\" and, according to Netflix, is about the following:A sailing ship hunting for sharks is attacked by a giant crustacean whose size and intelligence are second only to its appetite.
Mutiny, Betrayal and Ventriloquism with a Corpse....Although the synopsis sounds cool and unlike anything Fincher has done before, there's another reason to rejoice in this episode: it was written by \"Seven\" screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker.
For the first time in a long time, Fincher and Walker teamed up to create an episode based on a Neil Asher storyIf you watched the first two seasons of \"Love, Death and Robots,\" you'll recognize Asher's name from \"Snow in the Desert,\" which was one of the best episodes from season two.
In this episode, an ageless man living on a scorched planet is hunted by assassins and rescued by a beautiful stranger.
Like most episodes of the series, \"Snow in the Desert\" has amazing animation, twists and turns you don't expect, and it ends in a way that makes you want a sequel.Anyway, to find out how Fincher filmed the episode, you can watch the brand new trailer for season three.
Fincher's footage appears at about the twenty-second mark.
It doesn't use his name, just the title of the episode.
In the footage, you'll see stunning animation by Blur Studios and a giant crustacean that is ready to tear apart the human crew with its huge claws.Season three of \"Love, Death and Robots\" comes out May 20.
The first two seasons are available now.

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