DC has shut down the movie \"Wonder Twins\" before it even started shooting

DC has shut down the movie \

DC has shut down the movie \"Wonder Twins\" starring K.J.
Apa and Isabel May before production began.According to That Hashtag Show, filming on the picture, which was to be released on HBO Max streaming, was canceled due to the merger of media conglomerate Discovery and WarnerMedia Corporation.
Production was set to begin July 5.
Adam Stickel, who had previously worked on \"Black Adam\" with Dwayne Johnson, was to direct and write the superheroics.The Wonder Twins are an alien brother and sister named Zan and Jaina, introduced in the 1970s animated \"New Superfriends Hour\" and later fully migrated to the DC universe.
Jaina has the ability to take the form of animals, and Zan has the ability to transform into water.

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