Monday, May 9, 2022

EA has announced a game based on \"The Lord of the Rings\"

EA has announced a game based on \

After Blizzard, which presented its mobile game based on Warcraft, Electronic Arts announced a game based on another famous universe.
The full name of the game is The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, and deals with it the Capital Games studio, responsible for the collectible RPG (also for mobile devices) Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.Creating Heroes of Middle-earth, the developers decided to follow a similar path, that is, the novelty is the same conditionally free collectible RPG with competitive elements.
Players expect turn-based battles, collecting, a certain plot and familiar characters from both \"The Hobbit\" and \"The Lord of the Rings.
\"Beta-testing Heroes of Middle-earth in some countries will start this summer.It is important to note the renewal of cooperation between EA and Middle-earth Enterprises, which owns exclusive rights to elements of \"The Hobbit\" and \"The Lord of the Rings,\" including the names of works, characters, place names, objects and more.

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