Saturday, May 21, 2022

\"Fastest Race in the Universe\" Redout 2 will be delayed until June 16


You may be called the fastest race in the universe, but postponements will still be faster! Redout 2 was supposed to arrive in a few days, but at the last minute it was postponed until next month.
No reasons were given, and the developers just said: \"It'll make sure that we've been blasting from the start and giving everyone the best possible experience\".
It will launch simultaneously on all platforms - PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.
What can be done with the project in three weeks...Hello Redout fans,We know you have been eagerly anticipating the release of Redout 2 later this month, but unfortunately, the fastest racer in the universe needs just a little more development time before it's ready to go and will now launch on June 16 on PC, PS5|4, XSX|X1 & Switch Redout 2 (@redout2game) May 20, 2022

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