Improved \"Killcam\", a large campaign and PvP-invasions - trailer about Sniper Elite 5 features

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In case you do not understand why you need Sniper Elite 5, when there are four other parts, the developers released a trailer about the \"chips\" of the new game in the series.
It briefly shows the key features (which, however, are not necessarily very different from those of its predecessors).Extensive story campaign.
Locations from the real world were recreated using photogrammetry, and a lot of points for infiltration and escape, along with lists of objectives allow you to \"look at each mission in a new way.
\"Improved co-op.
The campaign can be played with a comrade, and new mechanics allow you to swap ammunition and valuable items, heal each other and give orders.Advanced movement and shooting physics.
Over ziplines, sloping slopes and ledges you can reach great sniper positions, and when shooting you have to take gravity, wind, heartbeat and current rifle configuration into account.Extensive customization.
You can change sights, butts, barrels, magazines, ammunition, and many other elements of each weapon.Invasions in the story campaign.
Similar to Souls: during the walkthrough, you may be infiltrated by another player whose task is to find and destroy you.
You can try to cope alone or call for a helper.Different types of multiplayer.
In addition to co-op in the story campaign and invasions, there are also competitive battles for 16 people and a survival mode for four.
There are layouts, rolling system, medals and cross-play between all platforms - everything as it should be! Refined killing camera.
For example, bones unpredictably affect the trajectory of the bullet and can punch a hole in an unexpected place in the body of the enemy.
Pistols and submachine guns also show \"killcams\" in dramatic time lapse.Sniper Elite 5 launches May 26 on PC (Steam, EGS, Windows Store), Xbox and PlayStation.
The game will be available on Game Pass upon release.

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