Friday, May 27, 2022

In Free Fire comes \"Cataclysm\" with new content

In Free Fire comes \

For mobile battle royale Free Fire announced the next major update - \"Cataclysm\".
In addition, the company Garena summed up the results of the World Championship of the game, where participants fought for large cash prizes.Among the key changes \"Cataclysm\":Map editor and mode editor, which were previously available only in Free Fire MAX, are now available for regular Free Fire.
The map editor also features the visual block programming environment \"Island Creator FF\" and new elements - the \"Island of Champions\" template, zombie generator and interactive Tower.New weapons - the M24 sniper rifle.Updated rank rewards and tag optimization.Improved airplane landing effects and rare loot highlighting.Improvements in armor pumping and many balance edits.See here for a full list of edits.
\"Cataclysm\" should appear in Free Fire soon.
The Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa World Championship, which took place on Sentosa Island, Singapore, recently concluded.
The winner was the Attack All Around team from Thailand - it received $500,000.
Second place went to EVOS Phoenix (also from Thailand).
They lagged behind the triumphators by only one point and received $ 250,000.Free Fire is free and is available on mobile devices:Free Fire: App Store and Google Play.Free Fire MAX (version with improved graphics): App Store and Google Play.* Partner Material

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