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Jason Bateman of \"Ozark\" thanks fans for supporting Netflix series

Jason Bateman of \

Producer/director/star Jason Bateman thanks fans for supporting the series \"Ozark\" amid the latest series on Netflix.
Bateman may be best known as Michael Bluth from the comedy series \"Arrested Development.
\"The series \"Ozark\" premiered on Netflix in 2017, the first season introduced viewers to Bateman as financial advisor Martin \"Marty\" Bird, who moves his family from Chicago to Missouri after finding himself in debt to a known drug cartel.
Subsequent seasons followed the Byrds and Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) as they expanded their money-laundering business and made increasingly deplorable decisions.Like many final seasons, the fourth season of \"Ozark\" was split into two halves.
The first seven episodes premiered on January 21, 2022, and they were a hit for Netflix, receiving 90% critical and viewer ratings and racking up 4 billion minutes of views in the first week.
The final seven episodes of the series were released on the streaming platform on April 29, 2022.On Friday, Bateman tweeted that the latest episodes of \"Ozark\" were available on Netflix.
The actor expressed his gratitude to fans for their support throughout the four seasons of \"Ozark.
\"I just want to say hello and a sincere thank you to all the lovely people who have given \"Ozark\" a place in their lives over the past few years.
Thank you for enjoying what we've done for you!The series \"Ozark\" has become a critical favorite, receiving multiple nominations and Emmy wins, including Bateman for Outstanding Director of a Drama in 2019.
The series' first two seasons received the lowest ratings on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, with reviewers often citing its \"potential.\" Against the backdrop of crime dramas like \"The Sopranos\" and \"Breaking Bad,\" \"Ozark\" was rated by almost impossible standards.
And it's safe to say that Bateman and company have pulled it off.
Now, however, they face the equally impossible task of ending the series in a way that will satisfy fans.Bateman's ever calculating surrogate, Marty Bird, ranks with Tony Soprano and Walter White as one of television's most endearing anti-heroes.
As with the last couple, viewers were eager to see how Bride and Ruth's story would end in the final episodes of \"Ozark.\" Series can often have a hard time landing, but it's clear that regardless of fan reaction, Bateman is grateful for all the love the series has received over the past few years.

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