Friday, May 6, 2022

Looks like they're making a survival game based on \"Terminator\"

Looks like they're making a survival game based on \

Publisher Nacon has announced that it's expanding its studio in Milan, Italy.
It's already working on an untitled game -- details about it are scarce, but the clues lead to \"Terminator.
\"The revamped Nacon Studio Milan consists of RaceWard Studio (which specializes in racing and recently released RiMS Racing) and another team, for which they are now recruiting.
This second team is working on an ambitious post-apocalyptic survival game based on \"one of the most popular movie franchises in the world.\" The Nacon Studio Milan team presented two concept-arts from their project.
One of them shows a sign for the Alamo Sport Shop.
This is a weapon store from the \"Terminator\" universe: in the first movie T-800 is stocked there with guns, with which he plans to kill Sarah Connor.In recent years, \"Terminator\" increasingly appears in mid-budget games from small studios: for example, in the shooter Terminator: Resistance 2019th and the upcoming strategy Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance.
In general, Nacon can clearly get the rights to \"Terminator\", despite not being a big elite publisher.Other details about the survival game from Nacon are going to be revealed during 2022.Concept art of the game from Nacon and the signage from the first \"Terminator\".

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