Sunday, May 8, 2022

\"Love, Money, Rock and Roll\" postponed until August 4


The visual novel \"Love, Money, Rock and Roll\" is a domestic long-player from the people who worked on \"Endless Summer\".
Soviet Games team explained the situation this way: \"LDR\" itself as a work of art is almost ready - there are still some simple features such as a list of supporters, titles, and minor details that are not necessary to release the game on Steam, you must comply with a number of procedures not directly related to the development - including those necessary for the uninterrupted existence of the studio.
\"And, due to the well-known situation in Russia and around the world, we have encountered significant difficulties in this regard,\" writes Soviet Games.The developers expect to be able to solve the problems in just two additional months.
In this regard, the deadline for pre-orders on the official website of the game, but in the list of supporters will be included only those who have done it until July 4 inclusive.The good news - on the site of the \"LDR\" you can already get a key for Steam.
Keys for mobile platforms will come later.Now \"Love, Money, Rock and Roll\" should be released on August 4.

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