Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Marvel Studios has given Sam Raimi creative freedom to direct \"Cartoon Network Madness\"

Marvel Studios has given Sam Raimi creative freedom to direct \

According to the director in the same Moviepilot interview, he has been given the freedom to direct the upcoming comic book movie with his reservations, one of which is the fact that the standards and the company concept should be followed.Kevin invited me for an interview, and I told them: this is what I think of the script; this is what I think we should do.
I've had a lot of problems with production teams in my time about this; I say I need ten storyboard artists, starting tomorrow.
I need six animators, starting tomorrow.
I need two character designers, starting tomorrow, and I'm not exaggerating.Usually the studio says:We don't spend that kind of money, we don't hire that many storyboard artists, you can have one or two.\" Kevin leans forward and says, \"Sam, you won't have ten storyboard artists, you'll have twenty.
And you won't have three animators, you'll have twelve.\" And I thought, \"Oh my God, he certainly knows how to do that.\" He's made these movies, it's not new to him.
He took what we'd done together and expanded it, and now it's a machine, a well-oiled machine for making superhero movies.
So I was incredibly encouraged and surprised by how much they were willing to get the movie right.I think you'll see a lot of my authoring chips, those chips that I do great, but first and foremost, the story of the characters that Marvel cares about is at the forefront.
My goal was to make a movie that wouldn't put fans into a stupor, making them think they were in a different reality.
It's a continuation of a story that feels like something more,\" Raimi recounted.

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