Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Media: Former \"Fast and the Furious 10\" director left because of Vin Diesel's behavior

Media: Former \

According to media reports, Justin Lin, former \"Fast and the Furious 10\" director, left his post because of Vin Diesel's \"difficult\" behavior.It is reported that Diesel was constantly late to the set, did not learn his lines and did not show proper form.
Officially, Lin called the reason for his departure as a creative disagreement.
Neither side had no comment on the media.The Hollywood Reporter reports that it was not only Diesel's behavior that led to Lin's departure.
Apparently, the director got tired of struggling with constant script revisions and changes in the filming process. On April 23, Lin left a meeting to discuss the film by \"slamming the door\" - it allegedly began with Diesel having new comments and observations about the script.
In the end, the director decided the film was \"not worth his mental health.\" Lin directed five parts of \"Fast and Furious\" and wrote the script for one of them.
After leaving his post as director of \"Fast and the Furious 10,\" he gave up 10-20 million dollars.
It is reported that the budget itself tape exceeded the mark of 300 million dollars - and that without the cost of promotion and advertising.Recall that earlier Diesel was in conflict with Dwayne \"The Rock\" Johnson - the latter in the end decided not to return to the role of Luke Hobbs for the final \"Fast and the Furious\".In addition, it was reported that the chair of directing \"Fast 10\" could take Louis Leterrier, known for \"Carrier\" and \"The Illusion of Deception\".
Negotiations are still underway.

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