Sunday, May 8, 2022

NBC has ordered an entire season of the sequel to \"Quantum Leap\"

NBC has ordered an entire season of the sequel to \

In January it became known that rumors about the return of the sci-fi series \"Quantum Leap\" were correct: NBC has ordered a sequel pilot.
And just a few months later, the channel has put a full season of the new series on its schedule for 2022-2023.The sequel is set 30 years after the events of the original series.
A new team of scientists and researchers trying to understand the mysteries of the quantum gas pedal and unravel the disappearance of its creator - Dr.
Sam Beckett.
To do this, they restart the machine with a predictable outcome.The main role in the new \"Quantum Leap\" will play Raymond Lee (\"Mozart in the Jungle\").
His character, Dr.
Ben Song, finds himself in the 1980s and in the process forgets who he is and how he got here.
The role of his mentor and Vietnam War veteran Herbert \"Magic\" Williams has been entrusted to Ernie Hudson (\"Ghostbusters,\" \"Miss Congeniality\").The premiere date for \"Quantum Leap\" has not yet been announced.

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