Thursday, May 5, 2022

\"Rogalick\" in HITMAN 3 will be delayed by several months, but the new map will be released earlier


In January, IO Interactive announced the Freelancer mode for HITMAN 3, which turns the game into a kind of \"Rogalick\".
The add-on was going to be released during the spring, but the day before the developers published a community appeal.
There are two pieces of good and bad news: bad news - Freelancer is going to appear not in the spring, but in the second half of 2022.
As IOI says, the third HITMAN was a great success, so the studio can afford to postpone the update release and \"tighten all the screws properly\".Freelancer is really close to the release: the build with the mode was already given to the selected community members to try on their own computers.
Recall, Freelancer mode offers a chain of tasks of varying difficulty with randomly selected items.
The 47th also gets his own safe haven, where he can prepare for the mission.
The sanctuary evolves as the missions are completed.The good news is that the production of the new map for HITMAN 3 is going so briskly that the release will take place earlier than IOI anticipated.
Now the location is due out in July 2022.Fresh screenshot of the new level.
It is called \"Ambrose Island\" and according to the IOI, it will be an intriguing novelty for the fans of the series: the plot unfolds before the events of the third part and fills some gaps in the storyline of the trilogy.Also, slightly changed the development plan for May: this month will appear a little more selective contracts than usual.
As a result, the schedule of upcoming large updates for HITMAN 3 at the moment looks like this: May 24 - Patch 3.110, where they will add ray tracing on PC.July - map \"Ambrose Island\".The second half of 2022 - Freelancer mode.Current events map for May.

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