Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Steam has a \"Roguelike Without End\" themed sale

Steam has a \

The new Going Rogue, or \"Roguelikes Without End\" sale on Steam will push the boundaries of what you consider a roguelike or roguelite - but if you don't care about the difference in those designations of one genre, you can just enjoy some good deals.The sale began Monday, May 2 and will run through May 9.
It features four categories of games: roguelikes, simplified roguelikes, Souls-like, and Metroidvania.
There's also a blog explaining the differences and similarities between all categories if you don't agree with the four genres being grouped together.The Rogalikes Without End sale seems to be more of a curated project for Steam than a regular sale, where games are put together in an easily accessible form.
There are plenty of great games on the list that are worth buying even if they're not discounted, like Vampire Survivors, Elden Ring, Dead Cells, Hades, and many others.But the games that do sell out are pretty heavily discounted.
Here are eight games worth buying during the limited Going Rogue promotion on Steam:Rogue Legacy 2 - ₽304 (20% off)Skul: The Hero Slayer - ₽304 (30% off)King Arthur: Knight's Tale - ₽742 (10% off)Slay the Spire - ₽186 (60% off)Nioh: Complete Edition - ₽232 (75% off)Nioh 2: The Complete Edition - ₽1082 (35% off)Hollow Knight - ₽139 (60% off)Dead Cells - ₽299 (40% off)Maybe Steam will add more games with discounts during the week, you can find the full list of offers on the promotion page.

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