The fifth season of \"Cobra Kai\" will be released on Netflix as soon as September 9

The fifth season of \

Netflix presented a trailer announcing the release date for the fifth season of the series \"Cobra Kai,\" continuing the events of the \"Karate Kid\" franchise.The events of the project tell the story of how former bully Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) once again faces Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), who fought against him in the past.
The heroes decide to put old grudges behind them and reopen the Cobra Kai karate school.But this move brings them a series of problems - for example, the old villains of the past return to the scene as well, and it turns out not all that easy with the new students.
In the fifth season, Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) expands the \"Cobra\" empire to make his ruthless fighting style the only option available to all.With Lawrence deciding to leave karate again due to the events of the past, LaRusso will have to turn to his old friend for help.
The new season will premiere on Netflix on September 9.

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