Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The ninth season of The Division 2 kicks off May 12 along with a new \"Countdown\" mode

The ninth season of The Division 2 kicks off May 12 along with a new \

The first new season in a long time (rather than a repeat of the previous one) will make its way into The Division 2 in a couple days.
The event is dubbed Hidden Alliance and will bring a heap of content to the shooter, including a new mode and a redesigned raid system.The season kicks off with a trailer that takes gamers back in time and shows what happened after an encounter with renegade Fay Lau at Camp White Oak.
The narrative of the ninth chapter will begin immediately after this event.
\"The video will clearly explain to players how high the stakes are and how the characters are motivated.
We decided to resort to this approach to show how the motivations and feelings of the main characters change,\" the developers explain.
The next chapter includes a new target, Captain Lewis, a former Special Forces commander.
He has broken his oath and become a traitor.Before taking on Lewis, you must first deal with his four closest collaborators from the True Sons.Countdown mode.
In this mode, two teams of four find themselves in different locations on the map.
The fighters must work together to stabilize the power plant, while simultaneously fighting the enemies.
Everything must be done in fifteen minutes.The \"Expertise\" feature, which will improve equipment, raising its basic characteristics.Changes in the raid system.
Each lieutenant now captures one of the operations of the Washington campaign.Also a fresh combat pass, leagues, global events and events to get two suits.The time to conclude the \"Secret Alliance\" will come on May 12.

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