Saturday, May 14, 2022

The sequel to \"Dr.Strange\" could have a cameo by Deadpool

The sequel to \

The writer of the new \"Dr.
Strange\" Michael Waldron revealed that Deadpool could appear in the film. According to the author, the production team discussed such a question, as well as many other possible turns of the story, but in the end such an idea gave up.
The reason, according to Waldron, was the fact that such a move eventually seemed to them not quite appropriate for the story. Previously, the performer of the role of chattering mercenary Ryan Reynolds has already stated that his character will not appear in the \"Cartoon Network of Madness\", but then, not everyone believed the actor.
Especially amid rumors of numerous other cameos, which did not appear in the final picture. At the same time, a sequel to \"Deadpool\" is still in development - the director of the comedy \"Protagonist\" Sean Levy is responsible for the production.

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