Monday, May 2, 2022

The upcoming story DLC for Dying Light 2 will \"pleasantly surprise people\"

The upcoming story DLC for Dying Light 2 will \

This is according to Dying Light 2 lead designer Timon Smectala, who also confirmed that while the DLC is story-driven, players don't have to go through the main campaign to enjoy the first DLC, as it \"runs parallel to the main story\".It can start right after Aiden arrives in the City, we didn't want to force players to finish the game.
I've looked at some of the assumptions our community has made online, but I haven't seen any of those theories to be true.
So I hope we pleasantly surprise people with this DLC.Smectala also confirmed that some of the content updates that Techland \"will introduce this year and next year will focus mostly on different types of online experiences,\" adding that the team believes that \"we could do a lot with Dying Light multiplayer, from adding more cooperative mechanics to lots of different, fun game modes.\" Dying Light 2 is already out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and its newest patch introduces a New Game Plus mode and co-op game fixes.

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