Dead Cells now \"Breaking Barriers\" - game has an update with accessibility settings

Dead Cells now \

In May, Dead Cells developers unveiled a new update that should make the game friendlier to people with disabilities.
The patch passed all tests, was named Breaking Barriers, and is now available in the main version of Dead Cells.Key options are as follows:ControlsDouble jump when holding down a button.Constant rolls when holding down a button.Shield button toggles shield holding.More customization options for controls, especially for actions where you need to hold down a button or press a complex combination of buttons.
New semi-transparency for the interface.VisualsReplace interface sizes and transparency.Several font types.Adjust font colors.Change font sizes for item names, descriptions, and dialogues.Customize the display of characteristics (including color and auxiliary icons).Stroking of some objects, including the main character, enemies, and skills.
The color of the stroke can be changed.Disabling blood.Reducing the number of particles.Switching the recoil from a critical hit.Adjusting the size of the exclamation mark that warns of an attack.
New outlining mode for objects.Help modeAdditional lives (one, three, seven, or infinite).
If the main character dies, he is revived at the beginning of the biome.Automatic strikes on nearby enemies with the main weapon.Adjust damage from enemies and traps, the number of lives of enemies and facilitated parry.Instant reveal of the entire map.
Was also planned slider to adjust the game speed, but he broke everything, so he decided to abandon it.As the developers write, during the test patch some of the community calmly accepted the usual accessibility settings, but negatively spoke of the help mode - they say, it makes the game too simple.
The authors decided to emphasize that the help mode is not the usual difficulty, but the one that is intended for those who wouldn't be able to play Dead Cells at all if it was not available.
After all, it's a single-player game, and helping some users will not disturb the gameplay experience for others, the creators write.But some precautions still took: those who included the help mode, will not be included in the daily test leaderboard and will not receive achievements.Breaking Barriers patch also makes few changes for all players:The option \"Show number of kills\" is now enabled by default.Several old weapons received \"redesign\" and became more relevant.Most starting items have significantly reduced st Gennady Vorobiev ShareTypes PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X | S Xbox One Mobile

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