Details about Overwatch 2: New Balance, Loot Boxes Transfer, Guilds...

Details about Overwatch 2: New Balance, Loot Boxes Transfer, Guilds...</br>

The developers of Overwatch 2 answered questions from Reddit visitors.
We selected the most interesting from their posts.All the in-game currencies you earn from Overwatch will go to the second part.
But the lootboxes will not be transferred - before the sequel's launch all the unopened boxes will be automatically opened, and their contents will go to your inventory.The main thing in OW2 will be a new currency, and not all the things in the game can be bought for the funds imported from OW1.
After the early access release fresh shooter \"will replace the current service\" - apparently, the support of the first part will be ceased.In the second game Simmetra abilities will be adjusted - in particular, it will take less time to create teleports, and the shells will fly faster when using an alternative shooting mode.
Thus, Blizzard wants to increase the mobility of Symmetra and fit it into the format five by five.In Overwatch 2 the authors refused from the unpopular in the community \"Assault\" mode, but the cards for it are still available in user battles.
Developers are not going to adapt them for the other modes - if it happens, it's only in the distant future and after a thorough test with the community.Developers do not intend to zero the MMR players, but will introduce a new system in which the rating will decrease if the user has not played a while.
In the matches in OW2 will not show the player levels, but this figure will remain in their profiles.Blizzard will update the old character biographies and add fresh.In OW2 implemented cross-progress with the ability to transfer their skins from the original with any platform.For PvP first Overwatch was written about 1 200 lines, which the characters exchange before the fight.
OW2 uses a small number of old phrases and over 1,800 new ones.Blizzard will strengthen Moira, but it won't happen in the upcoming \"beta\".The shooter will introduce a variety of challenges, the completion of which will allow you to pump up your combat pass.
\"Challenges will not be tied to specific characters and will not be the main source of progression on the battle pass - the developers do not want players to think that they are forced to switch to specific characters.At the start of OW2 will be available to three new fighters.
According to Blizzard, that's all the studio has time to cook - it doesn't have a \"secret vault\" where it hides finished characters until the next seasons.
There are fewer newcomers than the community would like because the team's efforts were initially divided between PvP and PvE.
To gain momentum, Blizzard has more than tripled the Overwatch 2 team and restructured.
Currently, a hero for Season 2 is almost ready, and three more, including two support fighters, are in various stages of testing.In OW2, they want to add more social systems.
One of the priorities for the developers - the guild system, but the details and timing of its appearance is still unknown.In the early production of Overwatch 2 the authors have experimented with a variable speed of the characters - they were accelerating gradually.
This mechanic reduced the effectiveness of spamming the A/D keys and made heroes with hit-and-run weapons more reliable.
However, the idea was abandoned, as players in OW1 are used to responsive control.Among the availability features for the sequel are planned at least text-to-speech and speech-to-text translation.
Also, the studio is looking for a solution to the camera shake problem, which causes discomfort to some users.The map in Portugal hides details about the Overwatch universe, including hints about the new faction associated with the unannounced hero.The speed increments from the skills of different fighters are added up, but there is a ceiling - if the developer is not mistaken, it is +75%.Overwatch 2 will be available in early access on October 4, and the nearest beta test will launch on June 28.
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