Fortnite begins another crossover with \"Naruto\"

Fortnite begins another crossover with \

Looks like last year's Fortnite and \"Naruto\" crossover was a success, as Epic Games has shipped even more content to the game based on the Masashi Kishimoto universe.
Tasks and locations from the previous collaboration are back, and new anime characters have been added to the store.Let's start with the newcomers.
Since June 24, the Fortnite in-game store has added four skins and a pile of items.EquipmentItachi Uchiha with alternative style \"ANBU\".Gaara with alternative style \"Fifth Kazekage\".Orochimaru with alternative style \"Orochimaru of Konoha\".Hinata Hyuga with alternative style \"Byakugan\".
Back jewelryHinata's bag.Sand gourd is a vessel with sand soaked in chakra.ANBU mask with alternate styles of \"Tenzo\", \"Kakashi\", \"Itachi\", and \"ANBU\".
Kirks, Gliders, and EmotionsKirk \"Kunai Minato\" - Former owner used it for the Flying Thunder God technique.Kirk \"Kusanagi Blade (Orochimaru)\".
The blade is pulled from the snake's mouth, if the description is to be believed.Hang glider \"Gaara's Sand Cloud\" allows you to move around the location with a breeze.
Available only for Gaara's guise.Hang glider \"Manda\" in the form of Orochimaru's battle partner.
This item can be won in the Nindo trials.Emotion \"Rasensuriken\" - the hero summons a sphere of chakra that gradually takes the form of a shuriken.Emotion \"Shadow snake throw\" - Orochimaru releases a bundle of snakes instead of his hand.
New items are available both individually and in sets:Itachi and Orochimaru Set: Itachi Uchiha outfit, ANBU mask, Orochimaru outfit and Island Ninja loading screen.
Gaara and Hinata Kit: Gaara's outfit, Sand Pumpkin back decoration, Gaara's Sand Cloud hang glider, Hinata Hyuga's outfit, Hinata's Bag back decoration, and the Shinobi Faces loading screen.
The \"Ninja Equipment\" set: Emotion \"Rasensuriken\", hang glider \"Menda\", pickaxe \"Kunai Minato\", pickaxe \"Kusanagi Blade (Orochimaru)\" and Akatsuki Wrap.
The \"Island Ninjas\" loading screen.
\"Faces of Shinobi\" loading screen.
Akatsuki\" wrapper.Collaboration activities include:Exploring the Village of the Hidden Leaf and other significant locations for the franchise, including the Valley of Completion and the place where Naruto communicates with the Nine-Tailed Fox.The Konoha Adventure Map is available until July 8, 03:00 MSK.
Find it by code 0610-6440-1958 via Search.Complete Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi quests to gain experience and unlock additional locations.Participate in the Nindo trials.
Gamers are invited to unlock the paths of four new ninjas.
Rewards include emoji, an Akatsuki wrapper and a Mande hang glider.Read more about the event's terms and conditions here.
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