Friday, June 3, 2022

Inkbound - cooperative RPG from the creators of the hit \"roguelike\" Monster Train

Inkbound - cooperative RPG from the creators of the hit \

Shiny Shoe Studios is the authors of the amazing card \"roguelike\" Monster Train, which is one of the top 250 most highly rated games on Steam.
Today the team presented their new project - a cooperative RPG Inkbound.You will go to a world called Atheneum.
You will be offered a choice of two characters - Magma Miner, relying on brute force, and the swift Mosscloak.
According to the developers, Inkbound takes the best of Monster Train.
Accordingly, the gameplay is familiar - procedurally generated races where you have to weigh the potential risks and rewards.With each race you will unlock new items - from a hat shaped like an astronaut cat to bat wings.
Judging by the description, these are only \"cosmetics\" that do not affect the gameplay.
However, gameplay enhancements are also mentioned.Shiny Shoe is betting heavily on replayability - Inkbound will change every month, week, and even day.Inkbound will be released in Steam early access in 2023.
You can apply to participate in beta testing on the project's website.

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