Shadow Warrior 3 received an update with \"New Game +\" and challenges

Shadow Warrior 3 received an update with \

Flying Wild Hog has prepared fresh content for Shadow Warrior 3.
In the update, the team added a new mode as well as corrected a number of bugs.
Isn't that an excuse to chase Lo Wan through the mythical land again? Update 1.05 brought the following changes:New Game + mode.
Gamers are free to start any level with all the equipment collected for the passage.In the places where in the normal story campaign stored different types of weapons, in the \"New Game +\" are the appropriate ammunition.
Special tests created specifically for the \"New Game +\".
For their completion are given \"warrior points\", which add up to a \"warrior rank\".
With the latter you can unlock new weapon skins.Since in the \"New Game +\" Lo Wan is cursed by default, the mercenary will encounter a special kind of demons oni hanma.Instead of activating the curse, killing rabbits damages the hero.A whole list of fixes, among them disappearing from demons rabbit suit and adjusting the subtitle size.
The full list of changes is available here.Shadow Warrior 3 was released on March 1, 2022 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
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