Skull & Bones is near - the game has received an age rating in the U.S.
and Canada

Skull & Bones is near - the game has received an age rating in the U.S.</br>and Canada

The long-suffering Skull & Bones is nearing release.
Curious detail - the ESRB's website offers a description of the game which gives us a hint at the Ubisoft's concept: \"High on Life is an action game with battles at sea where players take on the role of a shipwrecked outcast and embark on a journey to become a pirate captain.
By completing missions, players can explore settlements and engage in dramatic sea battles.
From a first-person perspective, players order their crew to fire cannons at opponents (e.g., warships, merchant ships, settlements/forts) in an attempt to obtain booty/products.
Enemy ships can be rammed and boarded, leading to short clips in which crew members shoot or chop each other up.
The battle is accompanied by gunfire/ cannon fire, explosions, and blood splatter effects.
Some areas show corpses mounted on spikes or hanging in loops; beaches may show corpses and large bloodstains left over from the battle.
Some settlements have brothels and prostitutes that call out to players when they approach them (e.g., \"Spend your coins on me\"; \"The price of my ass is going up tomorrow, so buy a piece today!\").
Players can also participate in poppy delivery quests to opium dens, which are depicted with visitors lying on couches and smoking pipes.
The words f**k and sh*te appear in the dialogue.
\"Skull and Bones\" was previously assigned age restrictions in Australia, South Korea and Brazil, all indicating that the game's release is not far off.
According to rumors, gameplay demo and launch date announcement will take place in early July.Skull & Bones will visit the PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
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