Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Study: 69% of Russians, young and old, play video games.
Most of them are on smartphones

Study: 69% of Russians, young and old, play video games.</br>Most of them are on smartphones

Russians most often play on smartphones.
This conclusion was made by the research company Mediascope, starting to study the audience of mobile gaming in Russia.How the study was conducted:The report is based on data from our mobile panel.
The main results are divided into three categories.How many people play mobile games? 69% of the Russian population between the ages of 12 and 64 play at least occasionally on a device, and 55% do so more than once a week.
The majority, 42%, prefer smartphones.Games account for about 15% of all time using a smartphone.
This places them in the top 3 most popular types of mobile applications.The average mobile gamer runs about seven games per month.About 40% of mobile owners spend almost an hour and a half daily on gaming.What does a typical mobile gamer look like? A mobile gamer is a typical mobile user, as people of all ages, genders and locations play pocket entertainment.
Socio-demographic groups differ only in preference for the type of games.In contrast to general smartphone use, there is a clear preponderance of men in gaming in the younger population.
However, with age there are noticeably more women in the gaming audience.In terms of media consumption on the smartphone gamers differ little from other users of mobile devices.
Gamers are slightly more interested in audio/video applications and social networks.
Among individual services they use Discord more often than others.What mobile games do Russian users prefer? The most popular genres (in brackets - percentage of game activity):Casual games (35%).Action (18%).Strategy (11%).Simulation games (9%).RPG (9%).Genre preferences strongly differ by age and gender:Women, especially older men, like casual games.
Young men are interested in action games, and older men - in casual games and strategies.The games with the largest reach (2-3 % of users play daily):Brawl Stars - popular mainly among men.Homescapes - popular mainly among women.Full data of the study - here.

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