Friday, June 10, 2022

The demo version of \"Mechanoids 3\" - a revival of the classic domestic game

The demo version of \

Once upon a time, \"1C\" released the \"Mechanoids\" series - an action-adventure mix with RPG about a society of mechanoid computers and their gliders.
The franchise received good reviews in the press and was in popular demand, but ended in 2007 along with the release of a spin-off, Survival Race.The series was resurrected around 2018.
\"Mechanoids\" writer and game designer Bulat Dautov received the appropriate permissions from 1C and introduced a threequel, \"Mechanoids: War Protocol.\" The development is going slowly but surely, and the day before has matured to a public demo.
\"War Protocol\" continues the storyline of the second part.
A group of humans - the descendants of those who once started the war and gave birth to a self-improving artificial mind - have returned to the planet of mechanoids.
Circumstances are not easy: resources are scarce, and somewhere on the planet lurks a powerful enemy.
Both humans and mechanoids will have to fight for survival.The list of key features of \"The Protocol of War\" includes the following:Free action in giant locations.Simulation of mechanoid life, even when you are not around - for example, they fight, trade, run away from the strong and pursue the weak.An extraordinary science-fiction story with multiple endings.
Dozens of combat vehicles and weapons, including a mighty walking mech.Powerful upgrade system.Changing the time of day and weather conditions.Music from Grigory Semenov, composer of \"Space Rangers\" and the original \"Mechanoids\".The demo version of \"Mechanoids 3\" starts as part of the \"Be Games\" festival and is already available on Steam.
The full version of the game they want to release around 2023.

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