The series on Horizon involves specialists from \"The Boys\" and \"Space\"

The series on Horizon involves specialists from \

A list of Horizon 2074 crew members has surfaced online - it is believed that will be the name of the TV series based on Horizon.
The list is still short, and without a number of key positions, but the members already listed have high-profile projects under their belt.The material appeared on the website of the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC).
As journalist Jeff Grubb (Jeff Grubb) says, the shooting is going to take place in Toronto, as in Canada there are favorable benefits for the film industry.Here is the crew for Horizon 2074.
This confirms the name as well as filming in Toronto.
As I reported previously, the show will likely be set in Toronto as per conditions of tax incentives. Jeff Grubb, No.
3 games journalist (@JeffGrubb) June 27, 2022The DGC website lists Horizon 2074 as follows:Art director Michele Brady - held the same role in the TV series \"Space\" and the movie \"Saw 2\".
First Assistant Director Jack Boem - assisted on the set of \"The Boys,\" \"Pacific Frontier\" and the TV series version of \"What We Do in the Shadows.
\"Production Manager B. B.E.
Sharp - another specialist from the \"Dudes\" team.The list has a couple of dozen more names, but many important positions are not there - for example, there are no writers, directors, actors and producers.Previously Grubb said that the Horizon 2074 plot is divided into two timelines: the one we saw in the games, and earlier, when the large-scale disaster has not yet happened.
The script is supposedly not to be an alternate history, but builds on the canon and explains some of the moments from the games.The Horizon series is officially confirmed and should be released in the indefinite future on Netflix.
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