World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will launch in 2022.
Pre-order is open

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will launch in 2022.</br>Pre-order is open

Blizzard has opened a pre-order add-on Dragonflight for World of Warcraft, thanks to which the release window became known - the rest of 2022.For the pre-order is entitled pet - Drakks.
Recall that you can not make direct purchases in from Russia, but you can spend money from your wallet or take the game as a gift.Below - the content of editions.Base Edition - 2,299 rublesDragonflight.Heroic Edition - 3,299 rublesDragonflight.Increase to level 60.Flying transport - Braided Dream Weaver.
Pet - Murkastrasis.Epic Edition - 4 299 rublesDragonflight Heroic Edition.Effect for the stone of return \"Time Watchman\".Ornament for transmogrification of headgear \"Diadem of the guardian of spells\".Decorative decoration on the back \"Wings of Awakening\" in five colors.30 days of playtime.
What Dragonflight will be about:The dragons of Azeroth have answered the call and returned to defend their homeland, the Dragon Islands.
The magic of the elements and the life energy of Azeroth fill the newly awakened Dragon Islands, and now you must explore their primordial wonders and uncover long-forgotten secrets.The expansion will add the first race and class combination in WoW history - a draktir awakener that can change form from humanoid to dragonlike and back again.
Read more about this and other new features here.
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