Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Path of Exile will get a \"Merciless Mode\" for hardcore gamers

Path of Exile will get a \

The creators of Path of Exile reported that RPG will soon get a \"Merciless Mode\", which should fray the nerves of even the biggest hardcore fans.The authors noted that the mode will not replace the game itself - this is just an additional feature for fans of such restrictions.
If users will be able to reach at least the later acts of the campaign in this format, it will be considered a huge achievement.Players waiting for an extremely high level of difficulty and a shortage of craft currency with items, and most of the latter will have the usual rarity.
But each find will immediately become a great celebration.It will be impossible to buy amulets, belts and stones from merchants, and the player will lose access to the Craftsman, workbench, various spheres, and so on.
Access to most of the skills close transportation, and health and mana will not be replenished at the entrance to the city.More about other numerous changes the authors have told on the website.
The name of the mode, by the way, came from the third difficulty level (out of four) of the closed beta game - in a sense it's a \"return to the roots.
\"The mode will be released simultaneously with the release of add-on 3.20 in December, and meanwhile the developers are looking for volunteers for the alpha testing.

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